Equity Management for Law Firms

Together, we’ll help you better support your clients with streamlined equity management practices and tailored solutions built specifically for law firms.

Tuned Into Today’s Challenges

In an evolving workplace, new challenges are a constant. Finding the right solution starts by identifying the unique problems organizations like yours are facing today.
Managing Data Across Disparate Platforms
Managing equity and reporting across multiple companies or clients can mean many platforms and several sources of truth. Navigating the ever-changing compliance landscape can be a challenge. But with a single, trusted source of truth, everything from cap tables to 409A Valuations can suddenly be a whole lot simpler.
Private Market Solutions
Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Range of Clients
From startup to IPO and beyond, when supporting a diverse range of clients, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Providing comprehensive support to your clients, especially across multiple jurisdictions, can be a challenge—and getting universally equipped can feel like an uphill battle.
Collaborating While Keeping Control
As ownership structures grow more complex, managing internal and external access—while also maintaining trust and visibility with your client—requires more oversight and collaboration than ever before.

What Benefits You, Benefits Your Clients

Your clients expect the best from your firm. Support your employees with easy-to-implement financial benefit offerings tailored to the unique needs of legal professionals.

Create a Single Source of Truth
Keep cap tables updated, issue option grants, issue digital, uncertificated and hybrid shares and more, all from one cloud-based equity management platform.
Provide Support at Every Stage
Engage your portfolio companies with easy-to-understand financial reporting, global plan management and integrated transactions.
Embrace Flexible Collaboration
Manage access within your firm and at your clients’ organizations, so that all parties can access equity data in a way that works for everyone.

What We Offer Law Firms

Serve and advise clients with a range of equity solutions that adapt to your firm’s needs.

409A Valuations
Work with an experienced 409A Valuation provider to help clients manage compliance and receive audit-ready valuations you can trust.
Liquidity Events
Access tailored solutions and support to help clients run liquidity events with confidence and build a culture of ownership.
Cap Table Management
Simplify cap table management and provide a unified, real-time view for stakeholders with an intuitive digital solution.
Global Intelligence
Transform the way you approach and manage your global equity plans while helping to navigate tax and legal complexities.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Tell us a bit about your workplace and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your unique needs.

We Help Businesses and People Thrive

Learn how financially confident employees can power your business forward, and how our offering can help your employees achieve financial well-being.

Advantages for Your Company
Our team puts a heritage of experience and leadership into action so you can provide a benefit offering that sets you apart.
Advantages for Your Employees
Available with every service we provide, we deliver educational resources, digital tools and guidance designed to foster financial wellness across your company.

Insights for a Modern Workplace

Get the latest thinking from our experienced thought leaders. Discover new trends and unique perspectives to motivate your employees and fuel your business.

We’ll help you find workplace financial solutions for your employees and your business.

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