Liquidity Events

Access tailored solutions and support to run liquidity events and manage secondary transactions with confidence.

Explore Our Liquidity Solutions

Discover support and technology designed to streamline your transaction workflow, so your teams can efficiently manage liquidity events and secondary transactions.

Tender Offers
Simplify workflows and provide liquidity to your shareholders while maintaining control of your cap table.
Controlled Liquidity
Manage and approve secondary transactions across your shareholder base.
Company-Led Events
Utilize our platform for company sponsored events such as dividend payouts, distributions, terminated employee repurchases, mergers & acquisitions, and more.

2023 Annual Liquidity Trends Report

Discover how current market conditions are driving private companies to rethink the way they approach equity and liquidity events.

In Control, In Charge

From growth-stage through IPO, our team of professionals and cutting-edge technology can help you organize and execute a liquidity program from start to finish.

Simple at Every Step
Streamline the complexities of managing liquidity. Seamlessly run liquidity events from sale to settlement on a single, digital platform.
Intuitive Interface
Access and transact with just a few clicks. The participant experience gives a clear picture and workflow so that everything is easy to find—including support.
One Version of Truth
Keep all your information in one, secure place. With centralized data and an updated cap table, sharing with internal teams and stakeholders is easy.

Any Transaction, Simplified

Depending on your goals, we’re here to help your company transact with greater certainty. Keep your employees motivated and shareholders engaged by simplifying how you provide private market liquidity.

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