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Executive Services

Empower your leaders to manage their equity compensation and complex financial needs with a dedicated Executive Services Relationship Manager.

Bespoke Support for Your Executives

Make it easier on your leaders to understand their equity compensation, so they can focus on what matters: moving your company forward. Our Executive Services team will help your key employees understand how to stay compliant, while providing access to solutions that can support a diverse range of financial and lifestyle goals.

A Multifaceted Team by Your Executives’ Side

Receive One-on-One Support
When executives have financial questions, their Executive Services Relationship Manager is ready to deliver personalized support.
Navigate Complexity
Provide your leaders the support to navigate the regulatory complexities of their equity compensation plan.
Access Broad Financial Knowledge
Working with our Financial Advisors can address their equity compensation, wealth management and personal finance needs—large or small.

Equity Compensation Services

From 10b5-1 trading plans to Rule 144 form filing and tax mitigation strategies, our dedicated team provides hands-on support for your executives’ equity compensation plans, including:

  • Reducing concentration risk
  • Selling shares during company trading blackouts
  • Sales of restricted, control and concentrated positions
  • Gifting of restricted or control stock
  • Helping maintain an affirmative defense against potential insider trading allegations

Equity Award Analysis

Equity awards can play a key role in your executives’ long-term goals. Our Financial Advisors can provide a personalized equity report based on information provided by the executive, working one-on-one to model hypothetical scenarios around value and taxation. 

Specialized Solutions

Explore a range of wealth management and liquidity solutions designed for the unique needs of your executives.

  1. Wealth Management

    Help your leaders manage, preserve, and build wealth. Our Executive Relationship Managers can introduce your executives to a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, who can help them:

    • Create a bespoke financial plan fit to their unique needs
    • Manage estate planning and philanthropy to build lasting legacies
    • Obtain access to exchange funds, private equity, hedge funds and more

  2. Personal Liquidity Solutions

    Enable employees to strategically borrow against a portfolio, potentially without disrupting long-term plans. Services available to your executives include a line of credit they can use to:

    • Finance real estate or renovation
    • Pay tuition
    • Purchase an investment property, vacation home and more
    • Consolidate debt
    • Finance new business
    • Pay quarterly or annual taxes

    * Borrowing against your company securities may be prohibited by your employer. Consult your company’s applicable internal company policies if pledging company securities.

Deferred Compensation

Explore a range of Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) services, and tailor an offering that reflects the needs of your company and your senior leaders.

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