Financial Reporting

Achieve audit-readiness in real-time with scalable financial reporting tools.

Trust Your Numbers

 Our reporting solution is designed to deliver audit-ready reporting making this part of equity compensation management simpler for your teams.

Meet Your Financial Reporting Source of Truth

We bring it all together to help you manage your financial reporting with speed and efficiency.

Instant, Real-Time Reporting
Don’t rely on last week’s – or even the last hour’s – data. Run to-the-minute reports when you need them with a single click.
Aggregated View of Expenses
Get a detailed view of your organization’s equity compensation related expenses all in one report.
Customizable Reporting Templates
Adapt reports to your organization to keep pace with change and meet your team’s unique needs.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Share more about your workplace’s unique needs, and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Smart, Simple, Streamlined

Our technology helps to simplify the complexities of financial reporting for your equity compensation plans.

  1. Easier Allocation and Tracking

    For both share and cost-settled awards, track and prorate any expense to any cost center in real time.

  2. Greater Accounting Clarity

    Clarify your numbers and create an audit trail. Even make adjustments after a period and true-up the following quarter with convenient expense snapshot feature.

  3. Fewer Unanswered Questions

    In-application expense scenarios help you confidently answer important “what if?” questions as they arise.

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