Equity Award Analysis

Ensure your executives make the most of their equity awards with complimentary, one-on-one consultations.*

Help Key Employees Achieve Their Financial Goals

Equity awards are a recognition of your executives’ hard work. Let’s help put them to good use. Leveraging an innovative analysis platform, our team provides strategy and perspective to help your leaders maximize the impact of their equity.


of employees do not understand how to maximize the financial benefit from their equity awards.1


of employees do not understand how taxes impact their stock plan benefits.1

Make the Most of Equity Compensation

From data-driven analysis to personalized plans to reach long-term goals – and everything in between – our dedicated Financial Advisors can help your leaders maximize their equity awards.

Equity Awards offer your employees a chance to share in your company's success... and they also can play a key role in helping your employees build their financial futures.

At Morgan Stanley at Work, we’re here to help your employees make the most of their equitycompensation...and create a plan to help them achieve their financial goals.

As part of the company’s stock plan, your employees have access to our exclusive Equity Award Analysis... to help them better understand the full value of their equity awards.

The Equity Award Analysis starts with a review of your employee's personal financial situation,needs and goals...along with education on their equity awards.

We'll then review their stock plan portfolio using our innovative, data-driven platform...and deliver a detailed, educational Equity Award Analysis report, personalized just for them.

The report covers:

•The impact changing market conditions may have on the value of their awards,

•Various sell and exercise scenarios, and

•Potential tax implications related to those scenarios.

The session concludes with a review of their report and a discussion of how the findings connect with their broader financial goals.

If your employees want to go further, they can work with a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor to create a plan that helps them meet their goals.

Empower your employees to get the most out of their equity awards, by taking advantage of this unique opportunity today.

Consultations Fit to Your Executives' Needs

Each Equity Awards Analysis consultation happens one-one-one with a Financial Advisor or Executive Relationship Manager, at no cost or obligation to you or your employees. Our approach is designed to educate participants and explain how equity awards relate to their long-term goals.

An informative review of your company’s corporate stock plan benefits and what they mean.
Comprehensive discussions about an employee’s short- and long-term goals and their unique financial situation.
A personalized analysis of an employee’s awards using our innovative equity analysis platform, followed by a guided report walkthrough.
An assessment of the value of equity awards and the impact market fluctuations, sell and exercise scenarios, and taxation may have on that value.
A final review of the report and considerations, and how the findings connect to an employee’s broader financial goals.
Employees have the option to sit down with a Financial Advisor to create an in-depth plan on how to reach their financial goals.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Share more about your workplace’s unique needs, and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Inside an Equity Awards Analysis Report

At the conclusion of a consultation, participants receive a comprehensive analysis report. These reports are made for each employee, reflect their unique financial situation and are a useful tool for discussion with other financial professionals.

  1. Data-Driven Analysis

    Make complex concepts, like stock option taxation, clearer for participants and illustrate hypothetical scenarios in a way everyone can understand. Our platform leverages all the information gathered during discovery and brings it to life with easy-to-understand graphs, tables and visualizations. 

  2. Actionable Guidance and Information

    Reports evaluate the impact that market conditions may have on your awards, various sell and exercise scenarios and potential tax implications related to those scenarios.

  3. Insight from Morgan Stanley

    For executives that want more support, they have the option to work with a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor to set their financial plan into action. 

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