Benefits for VC Firms and Accelerators

Simplify how you, your clients or your portfolio companies manage equity. Deliver a suite of workplace benefits that helps empower the employees that power it all.

Tuned Into Today’s Challenges

In an evolving workplace, new challenges are a constant. Finding the right solution starts with identifying the unique problems organizations like yours are facing today.
Scaling at the Speed of Your Portfolio
A startup today could be a global brand tomorrow. As the companies you manage grow, your firm’s equity capabilities—from reporting to cap table management to the participant experience—all need to keep pace. Standalone point solutions may cover a single need, but to provide the financial benefits experience that today’s workforce demands, it takes a comprehensive solution.
Finding a Company-Wide Source of Truth
Growth can mean greater complexity, more opportunity for error and increased administrative burden, especially when managing across multiple jurisdictions. It all adds up to more time and effort from your team. Getting everyone on the same page can help improve team efficiency and let them focus on what matters: making investments that can power growth and build strong portfolios.
Private Markets Solutions
Providing Support Beyond Wealth
There’s no doubt: equity has an impact, and ownership is a key consideration across today’s talent marketplace. But that’s not where the conversation ends. Today’s employees are seeking financial benefits that can help support all facets of their financial journey, from retirement readiness to their overall financial well-being. Meeting those expectations can aid in attracting talent to your company or firm and retaining them for the long haul.

Tailored Support for Firms of All Sizes

When you ease the burden of workplace financial benefit plan management, your teams can focus on what matters most: fostering growth and making new investments.

Work with Numbers You Trust
Achieve data integrity for yourself, auditors and tax authorities, so you can make informed decisions and navigate early-stage equity.
Do Away with the Spreadsheets
Issue uncertificated and hybrid shares, engage participants and keep cap tables updated—all on one integrated, real-time platform.
Deliver Impact at Every Stage
Robust reporting, equity management and financial wellness capabilities help you to deliver impact to the evolving companies in your portfolio.
Engage the Full Financial Journey
Energize your team and the teams that power your portfolio companies with retirement and financial wellness solutions.

How We Deliver for Firms Like Yours

Together, we’ll build an ownership experience that is easier on internal teams, rewarding for participants, and can empower employees to feel more confident in their financial well-being.

Equity Solutions
Help portfolio companies engage employees and support a range of growth plans with equity solutions made for any level of maturity, from startup to IPO.
409A Valuations Services
Work with an experienced 409A Valuation provider to help manage compliance requirements and receive audit-ready valuations you can trust.
Cap Table Management
Simplify cap table management and provide a unified, real-time view for stakeholders with an intuitive digital solution.
Liquidity Events
Access tailored solutions and support to run liquidity events with confidence and help build a culture of ownership.
Global Intelligence
Transform the way you approach and manage your global equity plans while helping to navigate tax and legal complexities.
Executive Services
Empower your leaders to manage their equity compensation and complex financial needs with a dedicated Executive Services Relationship Manager.
Deferred Compensation
Stay competitive with a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation plan – a workplace benefit for executives and other highly compensated employees and a powerful tool to help recruit, retain and reward executives.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Tell us a bit about your workplace and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your unique needs

We Help Businesses and People Thrive

Learn how financially confident employees can power your business forward, and how our offering can help your employees achieve financial well-being.

Advantages for Your Company
Our team puts a heritage of experience and leadership into action so you can provide a benefit offering that sets you apart.
Advantages for Your Employees
Available with every service we provide, we deliver educational resources, digital tools and guidance designed to foster financial wellness across your company.

Insights for a Modern Workplace

Get the latest thinking from our experienced thought leaders. Discover new trends and unique perspectives to motivate your employees and fuel your business.

We’ll help you find workplace financial solutions for your employees and your business.

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