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Get to know the team that’s working for yours. Learn about our company culture and the people powering Morgan Stanley at Work.

Meet Our Greatest Asset

What we do would be impossible without our team. Behind each of our innovative solutions is a community of dedicated professionals, inventive leaders and industry specialists. We’re working together to help employees and businesses be their best. 

Fostering collaboration and enabling our teams to grow together is a top priority for us. We truly believe when employees thrive, companies thrive too.
Brian McDonald
Head of Morgan Stanley at Work

Get to Know Us

Meet the talented people bringing our solutions to life.

Maude Robitaille, Vice President, Client Service Management
"Being a part of this team is truly fulfilling. The supportive environment and abundant growth opportunities provide an ideal foundation for professional development."
Ayush Rastogi, Vice President, Morgan Stanley at Work Product
"Being a part of this team provides me the opportunity to help participants better understand their financial journey and create positive impact in their lives by improving their financial wellbeing."
Kate Winget, Managing Director, Chief Revenue Officer for Morgan Stanley at Work, US Public Equity Solutions
“I consider it a privilege to work with this strong team at an exciting time in our industry. We are helping companies deliver workplace benefits that have a tremendous impact on the lives of their employees.”
Brett Specker, Retirement Solutions Service Specialist
"I always enjoy the cross-collaboration between our teams that allow us to deliver robust retirement and equity solutions for clients and their employees."
Sam Adams, Executive Director, Private Issuer Strategy
"I love being part of this team because we're continually innovating equity plan solutions for our corporate clients and delivering meaningful outcomes to their employees, including delivering financial wellness solutions that help participants make the most out of large liquidity events like IPOs and tender offers."
Anthony Bunnell, Managing Director, Head of Retirement and Deferred Compensation Solutions, Wealth Management
“Morgan Stanley at Work is a team of highly talented professionals, collaborating with corporate and nonprofit clients to create empowering solutions for their workforces. The responsibility, challenge and reward are all massive, and I’m humbled to be a part of it.”

What Guides Our Team

We believe that people don’t just drive a company, they are the company. Inspired by our core values, we partner with organizations like yours to help build financial confidence, so your employees thrive. 

  1. 01
    We Do the Right Thing

    We act with integrity and transparency, putting ourselves in our client’s shoes. We dedicate ourselves to doing first-class business in a first-class way.   

  2. 02
    We Put Clients First

    We are trusted allies. We listen to our clients and know them deeply. We strive to help you, no matter where you are on your financial journey.  

  3. 03
    We Lead with Exceptional Ideas

     We are innovators. We educate and support our corporate clients and participants to help achieve their goals by listening and evolving our workplace financial solutions.   

  4. 04
    We Are Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

    We value individual and cultural differences as a defining strength and champion an environment where all employees belong and are heard, seen and respected.

    Learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Morgan Stanley

  5. 05
    We Give Back

    We strive to create transformative change in our communities and inspire our employees toward a lifetime of committed service. We have an ongoing commitment to philanthropy and are invested in making a difference with our expertise, time, and financial resources.

We Help Businesses and People Thrive

Learn how financially confident employees can power your business forward, and how our offering can help your employees achieve financial well-being.

Advantages For Your Company
Our team puts a heritage of experience and leadership into action so you can provide a benefit offering that sets you apart.
Advantages For Your Employees
Available with every service we provide, we deliver educational resources, digital tools and guidance designed to foster financial wellness across your company.

Insights for a Modern Workplace

Get the latest thinking from our team of thought leaders. Discover new trends and unique perspectives to motivate your employees and fuel your business.

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