Recordkeeping and Plan Design

We have a recordkeeping platform that was specifically developed to handle the unique requirements of a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation plan and a dedicated recordkeeping team that focuses on NQDC plans. We can help you review and evaluate available plan designs and informal funding strategies through a needs-based assessment.

The Appropriate NQDC Plan Options for Your Business

It begins with getting to know your business, from your recruiting and retention goals to existing NQDC plan providers, if relevant.

  1. 01
    Needs Assessment

    We start by learning about your organization, including:

    • Understanding how your corporate objectives align with plan objectives
    • Evaluating technology capabilities, fees, and integration opportunities
    • Analyzing employee demographics
    • Evaluating competitive practice, trends, and legislative considerations

  2. 02
    Plan Design

    We can help you review and evaluate available plan designs that align with your goals:

    • Reviewing and evaluating available informal funding strategies that align with your plan design
    • If you have a current plan, identifying competitive practice

  3. 03
    Plan Recording

    After a complete needs assessment and discovery, we can provide recordkeeping services for your Nonqualified Deferred Compensation plan with:

    • Advanced technology capable of supporting plans of all sizes
    • Access to dedicated plan sponsor and plan participant websites

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