Public Companies

Whether you’re newly public, expanding globally or looking to evolve your equity compensation offering, we’re ready to help you with our end-to-end equity compensation solutions.

Engaging Equity Compensation for the Whole Enterprise

We provide comprehensive stock plan solutions that help streamline equity compensation management and provide audit-ready reporting and insights alongside customizable participant experiences to engage your employees.

Manage Effortlessly
Modern tools and real-time data help streamline your plan management workflow to enable easier monitoring, reporting and equity compensation.
Navigate Complexity
Flexible reporting and filing capabilities that help support your management of complex, global plans.
Support Your Needs
Guidance for plan administrators and participants alike that helps you deliver an engaging experience at every stage.

Services and Solutions for Public Companies

From IPO to global corporation, we’re ready to help you deliver an equity compensation experience that sets you apart.

Equity Plan Administration
Streamline your equity plan administration with our next-generation technology, so you can get trusted data and real-time reporting.
Financial Reporting
Achieve audit-readiness in real-time with scalable financial reporting tools.
Executive Services
Empower your leaders to manage their equity compensation and complex financial needs with a dedicated Executive Services Relationship Manager.
Global Intelligence
Transform the way you approach and manage your global equity plans while helping to navigate tax and legal complexities.
Advanced Solutions
Solve your toughest equity plan challenges with specialized plan support from our team.
Designated Brokerage
Discover sophisticated employee trade monitoring tools that support your management of internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Empower Your Teams with Financial Wellness

Available with every service we provide, our Financial Wellness offering is designed to address the unique needs of your employees and help them reach their financial goals through a powerful combination of education, digital tools and guidance from our Financial Advisors.

Let’s Start the Conversation
Share more about your workplace’s unique needs, and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help.

We Help Businesses and People Thrive

Learn how financially confident employees can power your business forward, and how our offering can help your employees achieve financial well-being.

Advantages For Your Company
Our team puts a heritage of experience and leadership into action so you can provide a benefit offering that sets you apart.
Advantages For Your Employees
Available with every service we provide, we deliver educational resources, digital tools and guidance designed to foster financial wellness across your company.

Insights for a Modern Workplace

Get the latest thinking from our experienced thought leaders. Discover new trends and unique perspectives to motivate your employees and fuel your business.

We’ll help you find workplace financial solutions for your employees and your business.

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