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When you team up with Morgan Stanley at Work, you get access to all of Morgan Stanley—the services, support and capital for companies, plus a breadth of solutions for individuals. Wherever your organization is on its journey, we can help meet you there with the experience and agility you expect from a leader almost 90 years strong.  

Going Up

Watch how Morgan Stanley’s comprehensive ecosystem of financial solutions empowers companies and their employees at any phase of growth.

Delivering the Firm Script “Going Up” – Round 3 Edits

12-15 Agency Updates


NARRATOR VO: Whether it’s a start-up, or it’s made its way up to the top,

every business wants to go in one direction…UP.

And no matter where a business is in its lifecycle, Morgan Stanley can help at every stage with solutions to help companies grow and employees thrive. So they can keep…

TALENT: Going up!



Take this fast-growing tech company, gearing up for their IPO.

Morgan Stanley was there from the beginning. 

The early years of a budding start-up—marked by meeting all of the demands that come with maturation... Something this CEO spends a lot of time thinking about, but not losing sleep over.

Morgan Stanley’s innovative equity management platform is designed to make the early stages easier…


Equity management platform / Intellectual capital / advanced technology

…with cap table management, 409A valuation services, and equity compensation [JS(M1] tools. That has this HR exec smiling.


Cap table management / 409a Valuations

And for employees looking to realize the value of their private shares, the platform has liquidity solutions that connect them to qualified buyers and financial planning resources[JS(M2]  to help them reach their goals


Private Market Solutions / Liquidity Offering

Plus, the technology adapts over time so as the company’s IPO approaches, the platform and the company are transaction-ready. This CFO will raise a latte to that.

And employees have cause for celebration, too. With going-public-perks like specialized Executive Services, Directed Share Programs, and 10b5-1 planning.


Directed Share Plan / Executive Services / 10b5-1 planning

And E*TRADE self-directed brokerage accounts that make managing share sale proceeds a breeze.


Seamless private to public transition

By choosing Morgan Stanley to lead its IPO, the company can execute a successful public market debut, fueling its future growth upwards.


Greater success means greater expectations.

So as the company navigates their next stages of growth, Morgan Stanley’s support evolves to meet their needs.

The Firm helps the CFO manage new projects and challenges with Treasury, Corporate Lending, and Corporate Cash solutions.


Treasury / Liquidity Solutions / Corporate Cash

As the company continues to grow, HR needs to be sure their benefits evolve to retain top talent.

And The Firm has employee solutions for just that…with retirement advisory solutions for both new and existing plans.


Retirement advisory solutions

And Financial Wellness/Empowerment solutions like financial coaching and education.


Time passes, and the company celebrates breaking into the Fortune 500.

Morgan Stanley is there to help them navigate the unique challenges of a highly competitive market.

Providing advisory services in specialized areas…

Mergers and Acquisitions / Project Financing / Real Estate

The Firm has the experience to help senior-level employees with financial planning and deferred compensation offerings.

Because with this company and any other - from formation all the way to Fortune 500 - Morgan Stanley sets organizations up for success by keeping them pointed in one particular direction… you know, up…


And Morgan Stanley’s wealth management capabilities go beyond businesses. Watch how different employees work with the The Firm’s Financial Advisors to meet their financial goals –

All that, coming right up.



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 [JS(M2]Can’t say “expertise” but not married to “resources” if you have a better option

A Collaborative Advantage

In addition to Morgan Stanley at Work solutions, we deliver the full breadth of the Firm to provide the resources you and your company need at any stage. Explore some of the ways we support our clients. 

  1. Corporate Cash Solutions

    We provide high-credit quality, bespoke investment solutions that align with your organization’s short- and long-term goals. Plus, through the support of a portfolio manager, you get active management of excess cash—with an emphasis on capital preservation, liquidity and return.

  2. Directed Share Program (DSP)

    Build goodwill across your organization through a tailored DSP offering. With experience managing a wide range of program sizes and participant profiles, we are uniquely equipped to support you—no matter your scale, structure, or number of participants.

  3. Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO)

    Receive ongoing support and client service to help navigate a complicated investment landscape, construct portfolios and delegate fiduciary responsibilities. The Firm’s OCIO offerings deliver investment and risk management experience, plus an institutional investment platform, to build, monitor and review investments.

  4. Investment Banking

    Access a broad range of corporate capital products, plus advisory services on complex transactions including IPOs, capital raising and liquidity solutions. Our team brings extensive experience in Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions to help your organization meet strategic objectives and put capital to more impactful use.

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