College Savings

Help your employees save for the future with direct contributions to their 529 college savings plan.

Make Saving for College Simple

Our benefit solution makes saving for college simpler for your employees by making it easy for you to contribute to their savings. Help them build for the future by showing you support them beyond the office.

Your Employees are Thinking About College Costs

With the price of college steadily rising, the ability to cover these costs can be a daily stressor for many people.


of U.S. parents with children under 18 who worry about funding their children’s education costs.1


of employees withdrew from their retirement savings fund to help cover college costs in 2022.2

How We Work with You

Together, we’ll develop a plan that fits your employees and ensure each contribution gets paid to their 529 plans.

Variety of Flexible Options
Offer more than a single offering. Allow your employees to choose approved from any 529 savings plans.
Custom-Fit 529 Contributions
Tailor It for them and you. Set custom contributions to your employees’ 529 college savings plans.
Meaningful Employee Benefits
Find what you may need to help your employees plan for and achieve their financial goals.
Let’s Start the Conversation
Share more about your workplace’s unique needs, and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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