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Morgan Stanley Sustainable Solutions Collaborative

By supporting innovators of transformative solutions, the Sustainable Solutions Collaborative aims to address the most complex global sustainability issues, such as climate change, social justice and plastic waste.

The world’s most complex sustainability challenges require systems-level solutions. That’s why the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Solutions Collaborative identifies and aims to scale breakthrough innovations that can benefit from partnerships across private and public industries and disciplines.

About the Sustainable Solutions Collaborative


Every year, five winners chosen for the Sustainable Solutions Collaborative cohort will each receive $250,000 to develop breakthrough concepts focused on systemic solutions for global challenges.


Recipients will participate in a year-long collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Investing, tapping into the full range of the firm’s experience, networks and resources to help them achieve scale and impact.


Long-term, members of the Collaborative will belong to a growing network of Morgan Stanley leaders and partner organizations that facilitate cross-sector collaboration on the most pressing sustainability issues.

Meet the 2021 Sustainable Solutions Collaborative Winners

To choose the Collaborative’s inaugural cohort, the Institute fielded nominations for breakthrough innovations by for-profit and nonprofit organizations from a broad network of sustainability thought leaders and practitioners. The five 2021 winners, spanning the globe from Africa and Southeast Asia to Europe and North America, tackle some of the world’s biggest sustainability problems, including climate change, plastic waste and public health. They are: mPharma, MySOC, Siklus, SunCulture and Trees As Infrastructure.

We also asked some of the most influential figures in government and business how they imagine tackling the world’s major sustainability challenges. See their ideas on advancing large-scale sustainability solutions, below.